/ I’m a passionate AUTHOR with TOO MANY IDEAs

I like writing stories of all kinds, for all audiences, but especially for kids aged 8-12. My debut novel, Mortified, is coming out in spring 2024.

Latest Work

HarperCollins Canada


When someone secretly signs Belinda Houle—the school’s most introverted kid—up to audition for a school play, Belinda turns to her best friend and resident witch, Sally, for a spell. A spell for confidence. Except it feels more like a curse! What follows the ritual is comical series of tragedies, from makeup allergies, to losing her chemically straightened hair, accidentally eating dog treats, and more.

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Organizations who helped me grow
/ Athabasca Basin Development

I’ve worked here since 2011 because it’s a great company whose mandate is to build wealth for seven remote northern communities, but they do so much more. Tell my boss I said good things.

/ Foundations Learning & Skills

A non-profit that offers literacy services to adults, children and families in Saskatchewan. Consider donating to them because they are awesome people who do awesome work in the community.

/ Writers Workshop & Resources

I’ve taken roughly a zillion writers courses and workshops and read so many books, and I keep coming back to Save the Cat and Brian Henry and the Friday Intensive group.